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You can make an appointment any time, even one hour before arriving, but that can sometimes mean that you have to wait a bit longer for your turn, but you might also be served right away. As we have enough staff members, you do not have to wait that long, but if you do have to wait, you can enjoy our magazines or wifi connection any time.
In general we always pick up our phone, but just in case all our employees are busy with a client, I do not want them to answer the phone. We also do not answer the landline outside of our business hours. We do however answer e-mail reservations (please find the link on our website), Facebook messages or Line messages out of the business hours.

If you’re running early, you can just come early, but you might have to wait a bit. If you do not mind waiting a bit, then just enjoy our waiting area. If you are in a hurry, then please send us a message or give us a call to be sure you can leave again in time.

If you are running late please call or message us as soon as you can. Depending on how late you will be and our other bookings we may need to reschedule. We close at 8pm, and normally we do not accept any customers after 7:30pm, so please try to arrive not later then that time.

We are very flexible at La Nature and we do not impose any fees for cancelling your appointment. So, in case you are not able to come, please be at least so kind to inform us, so we know that we can give your spot to another client.

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard.

No, we do not accept that you pay in cash in USD or any other currency.


No. Our rates are already very competitive and we utilize the best quality products to perform treatments of the highest standard. We do not recycle our wax and we do not double dip at all. In order to offer a discount we would need to compromise these standards and that is something we are never prepared to do.

This is an article written about a first time experience of getting waxed (at La Nature Bangkok).

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Removing hair with wax has been around for thousands of years. It was a technique developed in ancient Egypt and it was widely practiced in ancient Greece & Rome, often distinguishing oneself to be of a higher class. Waxing looks and feels better, is more hygienic, may help decrease body odour, increases skin sensitivity and therefore sexual pleasure.

There are two major methods of waxing for hair removal. One is hard wax, also known as hot wax, or the non-strip method.

The other major wax method is strip wax. Both waxes are heated to point where they are molten and quite warm but not uncomfortably hot. The wax is then applied to the skin using a spatula for hot wax or a roller for the strip wax.

With strip wax, a paper or cloth strip is then applied over the wax and removed taking the wax with it as well as the hairs which have adhered to the wax. This method is used for larger areas of the body such as the back, chest, legs and arms.

Hot wax is applied quite thickly, allowed to set, and then removed without the aid of a strip much like a pliable piece of plastic. Hot wax is more suitable for sensitive areas of the body such as eyebrows, face, butt and genitals. Some therapists do use strip wax for these sensitive areas, but this is usually done to cut corners and save on cost, and greatly increases the risk of bruising or tearing the skin.

Waxing epilates hair, which means it is removed from below the skin, often at the root. When the hair grows back it is a new hair that is often softer and has a tapered or blunt end (unlike shaving where the hair is cut at skin level and the same hair continues to grow at it’s original thickness and now with sharp edges which can irritate and cause that “prickly” feeling).

Many clients experience some reduction in hair growth after multiple wax services. When the hair is removed at the root or papilla, the new papilla must reestablish itself in the follicle. Not only does this take time, but continual waxing may cause the papilla to become weaker, therefore causing a reduction in hair growth as well as a reduction in the discomfort of future wax treatments.

Women who do not want to shave but prefer to wax as the hair stays away much longer and who prefer to have this clean look and do not like to have this prickly feeling.

For men, athletes have long known the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin from increased performance to increased comfort & improving the appearance of muscle definition. These days everyday men of all ages, all walks of life and from every conceivable profession are waxing.

The hair needs to be 5 to 10mm in length to adhere to the wax and be removed efficiently. This is usually between 10 to 14 days post shaving depending on how quickly your hair grows. The same applies if you are using depilatory creams. It is also important to make sure all hair has grown back again, otherwise you might wax, but still see hair grow back the next day as part of the hair could not be waxed as it was still too short or still inside your skin.

The most common thing we hear from most first time male waxers is “That didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I expected!”

Generally speaking, most women find the bikini area most painful, especially if it is the first time, but the second time already gets less painful.

We would be lying to say that there is not some discomfort associated with waxing, after all, you are pulling the hair out, but it is definitely manageable and nowhere near as bad as most people think. The discomfort is a short, sharp sting much like taking off a Band-Aid, and subsides within seconds of the wax being removed.

Of course all our staff also waxes themselves and therefor we all know exactly what it feels like, we also know all the little tips and tricks to make it as easy and pain-free as possible. Exactly how much it hurts depends entirely on your individual sensitivity and how coarse your hair is.

For men, in general they find the chest and the back of the neck the most painful areas to wax. The perineum and around the base of the shaft of the penis can also be more sensitive. The butt is one of the least sensitive areas and despite what you would think the scrotum is definitely not the worst. This is because the hair is not as coarse or dense as other areas of the body, and the skin on the scrotum is thinner so the follicles are not as deeply anchored into the body.

With repeated wax sessions the discomfort definitely reduces. This is because firstly you know what to expect and get used to the sensation and secondly because papilla or root of the hair weakens resulting in fewer and finer hairs which come out more easily.

If you very concerned, take two ibuprofen (such as Nurofen) an hour before your waxing appointment. As well as taking a bit of the sting out of waxing it seems to relax the hair follicle resulting in a more efficient wax.

This varies from person to person but generally speaking you will be completely hair free for 10 to 14 days. At this time the new hairs begin to appear, however they are usually so soft and fine they are barely noticeable for another week to two weeks. It will take between 6 to 8 weeks for the hair to fully regrow.

Yes. Please be showered and clean before coming to your wax appointment (especially if you are having your butt waxed)! There’s no excuse for lack of hygiene in this situation. It’s not like you’ve suddenly been caught with your pants down. Wash your bits please, with soap and water.

Are you crazy? Absolutely not! We have much better things to do with our time than sifting people’s pubic hair out of used wax and of course, we at La Nature do not think this is very clean either, which is the main reason why we would never do this. We even do not do any double dipping as the safety of our customers is an absolute priority in La Nature.

A “natural” Brazilian wax is the removal of hair from the buttocks, around the anus, the perineum, the vagina/the scrotum, as well as around the base and the shaft of the vagina/penis. It leaves the pubic hair abouve the vagina/penis as well as any hair you may have around the groin (the creases at the junction of the torso and legs.

A Hollywood includes the complete removal of all pubic hair. Basically it’s everything underneath your underpants. Exactly what is right for you is complete personal preference. There is no “normal”… When it comes to waxing there is no right or wrong. You can have as much or as little hair removed as you like.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. This is usually more of an automatic response rather than sexual arousal. Don’t stress. This is what we do as a job and we promise you, we’ve seen it all before. 

Yes. Most guys have hair growing up the shaft of the penis. As with all body hair, the amount, length & coarseness of the hair varies from one person to the next and is more noticeable on some men. Don’t worry, it can easily be waxed.

This depends. Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and you may be asked to get into a position to assist access to an area as well as ensure the skin is as taunt as possible. If you want waxing around your genitals, please leave your modesty at home. We need to be able to get into the area and see what we’re doing. However don’t stress about it. This is what we do for a job… It is just another day in the office for us. The most common positions that might be a little compromising are on your all fours when waxing the butt and on your back with your knees pulled up toward your chest when waxing the perineum. This is not done to embarrass you, but to ensure the waxing is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the skin is not taunt the wax will be a lot more uncomfortable and you run the risk of bruising the skin. If these positions are really uncomfortable due to knee, hip or lower back problems, please tell us. There are many other ways of getting to the area, these are just the most efficient positions.

This is totally irrelevant to the services we offer. If that’s not subtle enough, We will spell it out… our services are NOT sexual or erotic in any way shape or form, if this is what you are looking for, please visit another place as we do not want to provide such a service in any way. None of our staff wishes to be bothered with any non waxing requests and our staff will leave the room immediately if such a request is made and the staff will leave you with the wax on you. You will be charged for the waxing service, but we do not feel obliged to send our staff back again to finish taking of the wax and you can take the wax of yourself.

No, we do not have any male therapists anymore, demand was too low and male staff preferred to go back to their home town.

After Waxing

Most definitely. Post-wax care is important to prevent break-outs, ingrown hairs and other reactions. The first 24 hours after waxing
1. Avoid heavy exercise (gym, running, aerobics etc). After waxing the pores of the skin remain open for 8 to 10 hours. Sweating during this time will transport bacteria into the open pores and will cause pimples. Avoid saunas, steam rooms and spas for the same reason.
2. Do not sun bathe or go to the solarium for 48 hours after waxing – recently waxed areas are prone to hyperpigmentation (permanent darkening of the skin) if exposed to the sun or solariums.
3. Do not use exfoliating products (AHA’s, scrubs etc) or a loofa for at least 24 hours as this may further irritate the skin.
4. It is recommended to avoid using a bar soap on the waxed area as it leaves a film on the skin that may cause ingrown hairs.
5. Wash the waxed area with an anti-bacterial wash.
6. Apply a moisturising body lotion or oil after showering. This has a soothing effect and will help soften the skin and aid in the prevention of ingrown hairs. A basic, non-fragranced moisturiser is all that’s needed and some key ingredients to look for that I’ve discovered to be excellent for post-wax care include vitamin E, tea-tree oil, chamomile, Emu oil, Lavender Oil & Aloe Vera.
What works best for you is often very individual and can vary from one person to the next.
7. Avoid tight clothing on the waxed area as this may irritate the skin and also cause ingrown hairs.

How people’s skin reacts to waxing varies dramatically from one person to the next. Some people show almost no skin reaction at all, and other people react more noticeably. The skin reaction can also be different on different parts of the body. For this reason, I strongly recommend never having your first wax appointment before a special event or function. Once you know what your individual reaction is, you can then best time your waxing appointments before any such special event (for most people this is 2 to 3 days). The 3 most common reactions that people tend to get after waxing are:
1. The reaction post-waxing that occurs almost immediately and lasts up to 24 to 36 hours. This can be as mild as a reddening of the skin (called erythema), but more often shows up as red spots or raised bumps (think of a just-plucked chicken). The red spots are blood spots which occur because the papilla (hair root) has some blood supply and with the hair removed, the blood gathers at the follicle. This absorbs back in into the dermis within a few hours. These reactions are normal on most people (in fact the red spots are a good sign that the hair has been pulled out by the root) and subside within the first 3 to 24 hours. Less common is larger itchy welts or Hives on the skin similar to mosquito bites that appear almost immediately after waxing. These occur to a histamine reaction and usually subside within a few hours and can be avoided for future wax treatments by taking an anti-histamine such as Telfast before having the waxing performed.
2. The second reaction people may get is break out or pimples that occur on the second or third day after waxing. This is usually caused by bacteria entering the pores of the skin which remain open for about 8 to 10 hours after waxing. The most common culprit is sweat which is why it is important to avoid exercise, saunas or steam rooms for 24 hours after your wax. I highly recommend daily washing of the waxed area with an anti-bacterial wash such as Phisohex (avaiilable for purchase here) or Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Wash to prevent break out from occurring.
3. The third reaction some people get 2 – 3 weeks after waxing is ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs occur when the hair grows under the top layers of the skin surface either in a straight line or curled up resembling a blackhead. The best way to avoid ingrown hairs is to exfoliate the skin daily with a loofa or exfoliating mitt, or if the problem is severe a product that contains AHA or salicylic acid. You should commence exfoliation on the second day after waxing (not on the first day as the skin will still be too sensitive and you may irritate it further) and do it daily as part of your normal shower routine for about 2-3 weeks. Regular waxing also reduces the skin reaction because the body becomes more accustomed to the process.

Inflamed, irritated skin is a contra-indication for massage and as such you shouldn’t massage an area after it’s just been waxed. This is because the skin is usually too sensitive and needs to settle down before a massage, particularly one of medium to firm pressure, can be performed. I’d also rather not run the risk of further irritating the skin or the risk or spreading bacteria to the waxed area which may cause pimples. If you’d like to combine a massage with a waxing treatment you should do the massage first, or massage afterwards but only massage the areas that have not been waxed (for example a massage after a Brazilian is ok).

No, it is not recommended to sun bake or go to the solarium immediately after waxing especially while the skin is still red. This is because recently waxed areas are prone to hyperpigmentation (permanent darkening of the skin) if exposed to the sun. The sun should be avoided for 48 hours after a wax.

It is better to avoid heavy exercise (gym, running, aerobics etc). After waxing the pores of the skin remain open for 8 to 10 hours. Sweating during this time will transport bacteria into the open pores and will cause pimples. Avoid saunas, steam rooms and spas for the same reason.

No. As we never recycle our wax, nor do any double dipping, you are safe at La Nature. Our wax is absolutely clean and so are our towels.

Waxing anywhere on the body increases the skin’s sensitivity to touch.
Guys who wax their back will experience this as soon as they put on their shirt because now that the hair is gone, they will feel the fabric against their skin.
In the same way, waxing around the genitals increases that area’s sensitivity to touch. The difference is quite noticeable and very pleasurable for you, and the absence of hair makes things cleaner and more pleasurable for your partner.

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