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It has become more and more common to see men get waxed and luckily men do not have to be hairy anymore to still be seen as masculine. At La Nature, half of our clients are male customers. Many men nowadays like the aspect of a smooth skin/ a very smooth private area (also the clean feel of the crack is often mentioned), reduced body odor, and the nice definition of the muscles, for those that are muscular. For the males that have never waxed yet and are considering, you can rest assured, it is a very normal thing to do.

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There is nothing to be embarrassed about. This is usually more of an automatic response rather than sexual arousal. Don’t stress. This is what we do as a job and we promise you, we’ve seen it all before. waxing on the “Waxing for women” and “Waxing for men” pages.

Yes. Most guys have hair growing up the shaft of the penis. As with all body hair, the amount, length & coarseness of the hair varies from one person to the next and is more noticeable on some men. Don’t worry, it can easily be waxed.

No, we do not have any male therapists anymore, demand was too low and male staff preferred to go back to their home town.

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Full body Waxing Promotion

4400 ฿

5400 ฿

Full body waxing takes between 60 – 90 minutes. 

Included : under arms, arms, cheast, back, hollywood, crack, full legs) without face

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